The Know Your Rights Series is the ultimate modern legal education series, designed to elevate citizens’ quality of life by providing them with comprehensive knowledge of their rights. Our series offers a fundamental understanding of legal principles and the law, making it accessible to the general public. We cover various areas of human interaction and current topics, discussing legal issues that may arise and simplifying them for easy comprehension.

The visionary Koko Asuquo established the series as a point of reference for common legal issues affecting different aspects of human life. Our broad range of legal topics includes personal and family rights, social rights, digital rights, citizens’ political engagement rights, the relationship between citizens and government agencies, and labour, commercial and contractual rights.

Our Vision

To become the preferred legal education series for understanding the laws and legal concepts that impact daily life and current issues.

Our Mission

To provide uncomplicated and understandable explanations of legal concepts and the law across various aspects of human interactions and trending issues.

With our series, rest assured that you will be equipped with the knowledge of your legal rights.